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4 Wheeler Kits

Automotive device which reduces and stabilizes the natural gas pressure, in order to properly feed the engine. The three reduction stages provide stability at both high and low pressures. The pressure regulator is equipped with a pressure relief valve and a low pressure solenoid valve fitted upstream of the third stage. The necessary operating heat is provided by a connection with the engine coolant system. The engine idling gas flow is activated through the gas pipe main flow as a result of the negative pressure generated by the engine. Landi Renzo CNG kits are offered by us according to client's requirements and specifications.

CN04 is equipped with an electronic starting device with a built-in safety system which closes the gas solenoid valve when the engine stops.


3 stages with electronic starting device and idling at negative pressure


Automotive (suitable for vehicles with or without catalytic converter,injection and carburettor)

Type of fuel

CNG (compressed natural gas)


Engine cooling circuit liquid

Test pressure

300 bar

Inlet pressure

220 bar

First stage adjustment pressure

4 bar

Second stage adjustment pressure

1.5 bar

Power supply

12 V DC

High-pressure solenoid valve coil power capacity



CN 04: up to 100 kW